Orbit of disappearance

The impulse to Orbit of Disappearance is the treatment of instructions regarding the sewing of embroidery stitches, the execution of which is translated into the construction of a journey that confronts to measurement, arrangement and repetition.
In association with chains of theoretical reasoning involving compacted dimensions and space curvatures, the transformation of a physical space is performed through passages, foldings and accretions in combination with objects, actions and steps linked and articulated to the different points of the embroidery.
Voids, intervals and tangles are also treated as passages that have length, inclination and relationships with the points.

Creation and interpretation: Stefania Rovatti
Music: Davide Benedini, Stefania Rovatti

Art residency: Festival Catalysi 2023, Teatro Comandini
With the support of: Societas, European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists – EFFEA